FIFA are making asses of themselves

This is not “part of the game”. I love soccer, but this situation is untenable. What happens is that teams claw and fight to score 1-2 goals per game, which is the nature of soccer. Only now we have a situation where a goal is only sometimes a goal. When a team scores, they will randomly have certain goals disallowed for no reason, due to official incompetence.

True, Germany has scored another 2 goals since, but they happened because England was trailing 2-1 and committing 9 men to the attack. Both German goals came on breakaways that resulted from England trailing this match. This would NOT have been the case had their second goal stood. There is a very good chance that a moronic call from a line judge has cost England their Round of 16 game and tainted any further progress that Germany makes in this World Cup.

When a player takes a shot on goal it is the first job of a referee to determine if the shot goes in. If they are unable to do this they should be fired immediately. England has a strong hooligan tradition and I hope they put it to good use when they lose this game against Germany. Maybe burning cars in Liverpool will be enough to embarass FIFA into doing the obvious:

1) Goal line technology. This would have clearly marked Lampard’s shot as a goal.
2) Add 2-3 more refs. You’d have to be mad to think 1 umpire could properly referee an NFL football game, which is also 11-on-11. How is soccer different?
3) Coaches should be allowed to ask for a certain number of replays per game, something reasonable like 2-3 per game. To avoid time-wasting, any time spent viewing a replay is added to the end of the half.

I was watching the game on Univision and the announcers were yelling “GOOOOLLLL!!!!”, the screen was saying “GOL!”, and the score said England 2 Germany 2, and then 20 seconds later it became apparent that this referee made the mistake of his lifetime. This is not trivial as both of these teams are serious contenders and to me this kind of thing really taints the entire World Cup.


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