A new direction

I haven’t posted anything on here because I got tired of what I was writing.

For all the things I wrote about history and politics and current affairs, I didn’t vote in November. I didn’t vote because I didn’t care who won.

I didn’t like some of the articles I wrote, in retrospect. Reading back now, I hate 1/2 of them. Who am I to pontificate on economics?

My next project will be a little different. I’ve never been one for philosophy because the subjects are quite esoteric. To me, it makes little difference if we are living in true reality, if the universe started with a big bang, if there are ideal forms, if God exists, or why the galaxies were created.

Instead, I will write the next few articles on more earthly fare. Questions such as:

What is materialism and is it helpful or harmful?
Is social status worth striving for?
What is the importance of health?
What is luck?


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