A brief update

This will be a short post and rather unedited. I am going to be writing more frequently on here, at least for a few weeks. The largest reason that I haven’t been posting regularly, is that I started writing a book in February 2011. I have written three full drafts of an 85,000 word novel, and am currently going through on a word-by-word basis editing what I hope will be the final draft.

This has been an exhausting process, and I really think the best thing I could do right now is take a break for a few weeks. I know I did this once before, and when I came back all of the words that looked so stale before seemed fresh, and some of the “witty” conversations I had crafted actually seemed to have some bit again. Right now, reading a chapter and trying to assess its quality is impossible for me. It’s like watching a move that I’ve seen seven times, and seen most recently a few days in the past. So I’m going to pull back, and I’m using this forum to keep my writing skills in focus, and also to have the chance to focus on non-fiction/current events some more.

I was surprised to see how many hits this has been getting. I’m averaging 30-40/day, which isn’t much on an absolute scale, but quite a lot compared to what the traffic was when I was actually writing regularly. I remember it being rare for me to get more than 10 hits in a day back in 2010.

I will focus on headline events the next few days, while indulging myself with a couple of posts about Ron Paul. I anticipate radio silence taking over again somewhere around the New Year, but rest assured this absence will be temporary.


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