Anticipating Future Nostalgia

I shouldn’t be writing at this hour but I’ve decided to throw out a blindingly quick post here.

Went running the past two days. Yesterday I was absolutely pumped, made it 3.1 miles and ended it in total exhaustion. Now I could run about 11 miles mind you, if I was doing so at a leisurely pace, but these three miles are not that kind of running. I was going as fucking fast as I can run over that distance and finished in excruciating pain (not pulled joints or anything, just excruciating from the lack of oxygen).

Now I did the same thing today. I was less enthusiastic by far. Procrastinated. Didn’t even hit the pavement until 8:30, and much to my surprise I held up for longer today. At the point yesterday where it took herculean willpower to continue, today I was feeling alright. Not fantastic, but alright.

This time I made it 3.5 miles before the agonizing pain phase of the run kicked in.

The point being, I’ve always used soccer as a means of physical fitness, but there’s only so much I’m going to fucking “play myself into shape”. Rasheed Wallace tried that in the 2010 playoffs and in so doing earned the eternal scorn of every Celtics fan in the world.

So tomorrow there is soccer, and I’m curious to see if I’m running any faster. It seems that I should be running out there at least three times a week in addition to the soccer games. I was thinking about it today at the end. I’m 26 years old, and more or less from 21 to 26 there’s not much of a physical deterioration as far as what the body is capable of, or peak performance. But I realize now, it’s hitting me, that I have 2 years left of peak performance out there playing soccer. Then I will slowly start the long slide down into being an old man.

The example that sprung to mind today, and it’s only one of a thousand, was Gilbert Arenas. Agent Zero has apparently reached a deal with the Memphis Grizzlies this year. He hasn’t played a single minute this season. It’s very possible that this will be his last season in the league. He will be coming off of the bench, getting a few minutes of action per game. It would be a miracle for him to average even 10 points.

Now the thing is, I remember when I graduated from college, in 2006, Gilbert Arenas was the god damned fucking man. He was knocking down 29 points per game. I believe there was a game that season where he scored 60+. And the other thing is, I remember 2006 as being “not that long ago”. Obviously that’s oversimplifying — a ton of shit has happened in the interval and it has actually been quite a long time. But the point is, pretty soon from now I’ll be 32 or 33 and probably much slower, and it will take longer to recover after vigorous physical activity, and if life events intervene it will be much harder to stay in shape and find time to exercise in the first place.

So a thought there, I guess, anticipating the nostalgia I will feel for 2012 around the time that this decade ends.


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